Monday, October 13, 2008

Love Affair With My MailBox

How can you have a love affair with a mailbox? Sounds silly, I know, but I love my mailbox because every week I get a check in it! It is called Mailbox Money! 

I am not bragging by any means, I just wanted you to know that I am a stay at home mom of two and instead of rushing to get ready for work, hearing my husband complain I used all of the hot water again, then getting the kids up and ready, packing up the kids stuff for the day, kissing my husband good bye, dropping the kids of at daycare and then going into the office everyday, wow I'm tired just writing that sentence! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you much respect for doing that, day in and day out. 

Instead, my husband kisses me goodbye, then I get up when my daughter, Ava, says "Good morning mommy, time to get up!"(she's almost 3) then I mosey into my kitchen, to find my son Owen, in the fridge getting his chocolate milk cup (he's almost 4), then I get the kids breakfast, turn on their favorite cartoons, grab a cup of joe, sit down and check my emails while the kids eat breakfast, usually still in my pj's. Then I go on about my day and fit in my "work" schedule around my day of what needs to get done. Multilevel marketing is so versatile that it can be done while I'm out grocery shopping, buying new shoes for the kids, or at home on the computer. So my question to you is this...

How does your mailbox treat you? Does it only have bills in it, past due notices or do you sometimes get a check once a month? I am not a Rock Star, a famous Author, an extremely talented Athlete, instead, I am a stay at home mom with a home based business. Also, I have found an amazing, duplicatable system to use. It's called, Mentoring For Free, the best part is you can use this system to enhance your business, regardless of company affiliation.

When you plug into the system, you get a free ebook "Success in 10 Steps," by Michael Dlouhy. He is the founder of Mentoring For Free and my personal friend and mentor. Not to mention, he has over 30 years in the trenches experience building an organization. You also get access to 10 FREE training's a week. These training's cover, advertising, marketing, personal development, the list goes on. The best part is they are completely generic. No companies or products are mentioned or promoted, ever!

MFF is available to anyone and everyone. Learn the right skill sets to expand your business, have access to free coaching, an endless support system, and much more. I have grown in my personal and business life! This has by far been the best decision I have made to become part of the MFF family. There is no judgement among these brilliant people, just love, support and encouragement.

I pose this question to you, would you like to have a love affair with your mailbox? You might not be a Rock Star, or a famous Author, or be an incredibly talented Athlete either but you can have a royalty check every week or month. If you are coachable, willing to work, learn the duplicatable MFF system, and want a weekly or monthly check that keeps increasing, then download your free copy of Michael Dlouhy's book "Success in 10 Steps" now. It's later than you think! Plug into this incredible system, get your business on a rock solid foundation and build it with ease and consistency! Have an amazing business building day!

Take care,
Bridget Lee

All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea. ~Napoleon Hill

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