Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hard Economic Times --What To Do?

Wow, yesterday was interesting, at least for me anyway. Let me give you a quick picture of my life yesterday and why I am so happy about having my own home business.

Yesterday, my dad had to have some tests done, when you reach the age of 71, it's just routine. So on Sunday I talked to my mom and I was going to go with her to wait, but my grandmother, who is 89 years young, was sick. My husband took the day off and had fun with the kids, so I went to grandma sit instead of with my mom to the hospital. Why am I sharing this with you, I'll get to the point.

Eventhough, I was not at home yesterday I was able to work. How cool is that? For me I think that is awesome. Now with extremely high gas prices, an economic hardship on it's way, the uncertainty of the stock market, and unemployment on the rise what are we to do? How are people going to supplement their income just to keep up with the out put of every month?

Most people will search for alternative solutions for the problems that they might face. So what are some solutions for potential problems? Find a second job? Wait, that might be too hard because jobs are scarce and some companies might have difficulty paying their employees. Start your own business? Hold on here, banks are going under so would it be easy to get a loan? Maybe not. So that leads us to Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing. This is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of starting your own business from home.

Now people might start to look a little bit more seriously at this being the best solution to their potential financial problem. Now please do me a huge favor, DO NOT GO WITH THE FIRST COMPANY THAT PROMISES THE WORLD TO YOU! Please get educated about the industry and learn what to look for in choosing the right company. Except nothing less than a 5 Pillar company. Not educating your self is the quickest way of losing lots of money.

Here's why. Most companies are untruthful about what is really required when you get started. They are equipped with great, enthusiastic, well thought out "scripts" to read to you or memorize. These scripts are designed to get you fired up, the blood pumping, and making a decision right then and there on the spot. Now they have you on the hook! After you pay the initial start up cost of, let's say it's $399, then they tell you about all of the "Add Ons." Wait a minute, add ons? Yes add ons, so after you send the $399 then they hit you with: you need a website and that costs $50 a month, you need a merchant account and that cost varies month to month anywhere from $100 a month, then lets see you need to have lots of product, so you can "Buy" your bonus check at the end of the month and that will cost anywhere from $2000-$4000, but of course you get a 50% discount so actually it is only $1000-$2000! Oh, let's not for get about advertising. You need to buy leads and that is anywhere from $500-$1500 a month. Cha ching-let's recap:

$399- Initial Start Up
$50 (monthly fee)- Web Site
$100 (average monthly fee)- Merchant Account
$2000 (front end load-want biggest bonus check)- Product
$1000 (mid budget-monthly fee)- Advertising
$3549- Grand Total

Wow, can you imagine? Here you thought, great I have my own business and it has a start up cost of only $399! I am sharing this with you so you can AVOID THE MISTAKE I ALREADY MADE! I was set up for failure before I even paid the initial start up cost.

There is good news, I found Mentoring For Free! I found a group of amazing people that helped me get educated! The best part is it is totally and completely FREE! I downloaded an incredible Free ebook called "Success in 10 Steps" by Michael Dlouhy. Reading this book made me realize that I was not as educated as I thought I was. I learned what a 5 Pillar company is and why it is crucial to be apart of one. Not to mention all of the training MFF provides is FREE! Why not get educated first, learn some skills, and then invest in yourself, so you will be armed against the "not so upfront" companies out there. I wish you the best in life. 

Your Friend,
Bridget Lee

Michael Dlouhy is going on a National Freedom Tour 08/09 starting October 24th, 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida. If you want to know if Michael is coming to a city near you, then downloading "Success in 10 Steps" is a must. He is an Author & Network Marketing Industry Leader with 30 Years Experience. He will share how to; Build big income...without ever selling, create lifelong relationships in 2 minutes flat, spot & connect with the 4 personality types, quickly identify 61 strengths & weaknesses, immediately spot & attract "Self-Starters," find great companies to work with & avoid bad ones, and avoid the biggest mistakes everybody is making. If you want success in your life, hang around successful people.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Are You Part of a Team?

Have you ever been part of a team? I have been part of teams before in the past but let me tell you the team I am apart of now is nothing short of Brilliant, Amazing, Loving, Helpful, Giving, Caring, ok you get the picture. I can go on and on about how being part of a team is awesome, but this is no ordinary TEAM.

I belong to Mentoring For Free. MFF is the team I described above and much, much more. If you want success in your life and you have tried everything you possibly can think to get it, and you know you are meant for it, but have failed? Then I have decided to share my team with you. If, and only if you truly want to make your life successful.

You see, most people are content with what they have, and that is great. But...let me share a story with you that a dear friend shared with me. It is about two kinds of people in the world 

1-Darn, I wish I had 

Let me share an example of how different they are:

Darn and Gee were working together at the same office with the same job. One day, tired and frustrated Gee said "you know what Darn, we should start our own business?" Darn said "What do you mean? It is too expensive to start a business, I am already away from my family too much now as it is, and the risk is just too great. I HAVE to have a pay check to pay the bills and put food on the table. I just don't see how starting a business would work."

Gee looked at Darn and said "Well, I see but I HAVE to do this. I want More time with my family and I want My bills paid and eat Wherever I want." So Gee went on and started his business. Yes, it was a struggle at first, but Gee kept at it and grew his business beyond his wildest dreams.

One day Gee was driving with his family, in their brand new Acura MDX SUV and Gee saw Darn with his family. Darn looked at his family, then looked back at Gee. Then he said "Darn, I wish I had." Gee looked at his gorgeous wife, smiling at him. Then he looked in the back seat at his two beautiful children and the family dog, Duke. He then smiled and said "Gee, I'm glad I did."

Now, would it make sense to hang around the "Gee" type of people or the "Darn" type of people? The Darn, I wish I had are the people that let things pass them by. They say "Wow, I could not do that. Gee is so lucky, everything he wants just happens for him." Where as the "Gee" people make things happen and keep going until it becomes reality.

Why am I sharing this story with you? Because MFF is "Gee, I'm glad I did." Here is what I can promise you, if you are coachable and willing to work, then I can help you own your life. Have FREEDOM! Do what you want, when you want, where you want, how you want to do it. 

Your Friend,
Bridget Lee