Friday, May 22, 2009

Is It Ever Gonna Stop Raining?

Hello all, it's been a long time. Life gets busy, but the question is what are you getting out of it? My dad's lung cancer is still here, the tumor has shrunk from the size of a baseball to the size of a golf ball. Chemotherapy helped and he looks good, but for someone who has not seen him in a while, it would be a shock. His body couldn't handle radiation. 

We are now waiting for his new chemotherapy. It's in pill form, crazy!  It supposedly attacks just the cancerous cells, and has less side effects. The picture was taken, by Owen, in February 2009. My dad just celebrated his 72nd Birthday in May. Needless to say, the battle has been a good one, he's still here with us, but it's a battle none the less.

I live in "SUNNY", Jacksonville, Florida and it has been raining since Monday, May 18th it's now Friday the 22nd, I now know that I couldn't live in Seattle! Never been there and I'm sure it would be nice to visit, but I need sun and "hurricanes"! It is not supposed to stop until Tuesday, May 26th.

My kids that have been poked in the house for 3 days, what? you want milk? forget it! we don't have any, we'll get it later!! We have gone out sparingly, but it will be nice to let them get out in the back yard and play. But most of all I miss taking my dad and Owen golfing on Wednesdays. We go pick up Granddad and the two of them head for the golf course and Ava and I head for the nearby park. My dad doesn't drive anymore since he ran over one of the neighbors mail box. That was not a good day. I thanked God that it was not as bad as it could have been. He blacked out for a second, ran over a mail box then drove over another curb heading for another mail box. The drop off of the second curb woke him up. No one got hurt and it turns out the house was vacant so putting the mail box back up that day was not imperative. 

Just when I thought, "OK, I can relax now" I hear a thud in the garage. Dad went down again. His blood pressure had been very erratic, high and low, in one day it can go from 75 to 143. So after the second blackout, we called his heart specialist, they suggested going to the ER. Off we went to the Orange Park Emergency Room. After a 4 hour wait, we finally got in to be seen by the doctor. He was admitted to the hospital and every test that the doctors ran came back negative or normal. He was released on Mother's Day, and is scheduled for a special blood pressure test for June 2nd at a different hospital. 

I believe that God has made it rain to make me slow down. My busy, crazy, nonstop life needed to slow down. I need to refocus and re-energize my batteries. I go and go, my husband calls me the energizer bunny, but even the energizer bunny needs to freshen his batteries from time to time. I hope that you take a step back from your everyday life and slow down. I have a great family, great friends and I thank God for everything in my life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am grateful for my home based business too, because I can work when I can and not feel pressured when I can't at times like these.

Many Blessing, 

Bridget Lee

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Feisty Irish Wench said...

Minor correction, but it was Sunday afternoon when it started raining. I recall thinking "Wow! Those prayers for rain worked fast!"